Valentine's Day Card Box

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by Lisa and Clinton


  • 1-empty 12 pack pop box (with just the side opened)
  • Valentines day wrapping paper
  • Construction paper (various colors)
  • Markers
  • Other items for decorating


Tape the opened end of your box.

Wrap the box like a present,leaving the slit at the top open or cut the wrapping paper where the slit is. Then decorate the box with construction paper hearts or however you desire.

**We made a big heart with his name on one side and another big heart with the words "My Special Valentine Cards" on the other side. We then made several little hearts for decorations. On one of the little hearts we put the date so he will remember it for years to come.***

Also, you can cut stripes of construction paper and make tiny accordion folds and when you unfold them it looks like you have squiggle legs or fancy trimmings. ( My son made a cute heart guy with his.)

Another idea we came up with was; my son loves Pokemon and he had bought Pokemon Valentines so with the extra cards that he had, he cut out the characters and pasted them on his box.

He took his finished box to school and the teacher liked it so well that she used it for example for the other kids and showed it to EVERYONE in school. We hope he wins the prize for best decorated Valentine box. smiley

I hope this gives someone some great ideas. We had a lot of fun making them together.

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