Safety Pin Angel

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by: Dihann Walters


  • 10-2 inch gold safety pins
  • 105-6mm round iridescent clear beads
  • 4-2mm round iridescent clear beads for hands
  • 1-12mm round pearl bead for bodice
  • 1-14mm round pearl bead for head
  • 2-12.5 mm fancy bell caps for over safety pin tails and on top of 12mm pearl bead bodice.
  • 4 smaller fancy bell caps for bottom of sleeves cuffs
  • 14-2mm gold beads for halo
  • 22 gauge gold wire or 22 gauge white wire
  • Needle nose pliers and cutters


Skirt: put 5-6mm clear iridescent round beads on each pin. Cut 12" piece of wire and put threw head end of safety pins with 2-6mm clear iridescent round beads in between each head of pin. Twist and close wire.

Cut another piece of wire for closing the tail end of pins. Twist and close. Cut off all wire so far.

Head & Bodice: Take a piece of 12" wire again add a 6mm round iridescent bead in middle of that wire almost folding in complete half and insert into bottom of shirt up through the center of the tail end of pins.

Add 12.5mm fancy bell cap (both wires into bell cap)to cover safety pin tail then twist a few times to secure.Add 12mm round pearl bead (bodice) put both wires up into bead.Add 12.5mm Fancy Bell Cap again putting both wires up into cap.Add 14 mm round pearl bead (head) putting both wires up into bead.Twist a few times to secure. Add the small gold beads to form halo. Now I have made my halo heart shaped but you can shape it any shape you'd like. Spliting the wire adding small gold beads 7 each wire. Bring together twist and cut off as close as you can.

Arms: Take a 8" piece of wire twist around in between head bead and bodice bead. Add for each wire one 8mm round iridescent bead for poof then 4-6mm round iridescent beads for arms. Add 2 smaller fancy bell caps for ruffles one against the other opposite ways. Add 2-2mm round iridescent beads for hands. Make loop cut off access. Do this to the other arm as well.

Wings: Take a 12" inch piece of wire wrap around neck a few times then add 23-6mm round iridescent clear beads to that and twist in back and shape. Repeat for second wing. All Finished.

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Dihann Walters is from Northeastern Ohio. She loves to do all kinds of crafts. From Faceted bead crafts to plastic canvas, punch embroidery, floral design, balloon artistry, sewing and anything else she can get her hands on. Dihann also owns Faceted Bead Crafts Newsgroup. To subscribe visit

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