M&M Bunny

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  • M&M?s Minis Tube
  • 1 ?-inch Styrofoam ball
  • 2 small wiggle eyes
  • 1 small pink pompom
  • 2 small white pompoms
  • 1 white chenille stem
  • White felt
  • Pink felt
  • White yarn
  • Pink ?-inch wide ribbon
  • White package ribbon
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors


Glue Styrofoam ball to the lid of the M&M candy. Glue on eyes, the pink pompom for nose and the two white pompoms for cheeks.

Cut two pink ears and two white ears 2 ?-inches long and ?-inch wide. Cut two chenille stems 3-inches long. Glue a pink and a white ear together with a chenille stem in between the two ear pieces. Leave about 3/4 of an inch of the chenille stem sticking out of the bottom of the ear. Repeat for other ear. Poke the end of the chenille stems into the top of the bunny head with the pink felt facing forward. Bend ears forward slightly.

Cut 40 3-inch lengths of white yarn. You will use 20 for the arms and 20 for the legs. Cut 4 10-inch length of package ribbon. For arms take 20 lengths of yarn and tie with a strand of yarn in the center. Tie one inch from each end with package ribbon. Curl the ends of the package ribbon. Tie the legs the same as the arms. Glue center of arms and legs to the front of the M&M container. Using pink ribbon tie a bow above the arms.

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