Emily Bunny

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  • 1/2 yd. muslin for body
  • 1/3 yd. print for dress
  • fibre fill
  • acrylic paint for nose and eyes
  • scrap of lace for bottom of dress
  • scrap of ribbon for bow at neck
  • 1 yd. asst'd. ribbons for sleeves, ears and ankles.

Print the following pattern pieces above.


This bunny design is easier than most because you do not turn any of your body pieces. The raw edges are exposed. She measures 20" from the tip of her ears to her feet. I received two orders for her before I was finished, so she is popular. She is flexible enough to sit on any shelf or chair.


Cut out body, legs, arms and ears from muslin.

Using 1/4" seam allowance, sew arms and legs.

Stuff with fibre fill to dotted line.

Sew ear pieces.

Put two head and body pieces together, sew, starting at bottom edge, inserting arms at shoulder level and ears on top of head where you see x's.

Stuff head and body firmly. Insert legs at bottom of body where you see x's and sew across to close body seam.

Using acrylic paint, paint eyes and nose on where marked. Leave to dry.


Cut out two pieces of print on fold of fabric. Placing right sides together, sew (using 1/4" seam allowance also) shoulder seam.

Sew along bottom of sleeve and down side. Repeat for other side.


Gather up lace scrap and sew to neckline front opening. Add ribbon rose, button or bow.

Sew lace around bottom edge of dress.

Thread darning needle with narrow 1/8" ribbon and baste around sleeve openings.

Put dress on Emily. Tie ribbon into bows at sleeve bottom. Adjust gathers.

Tie ribbons into bows around her ears and ankles. (Do rabbits have ankles?)

She might also look nice with a straw hat. You could also put a touch of blush inside her ears and on her cheeks.

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