Dishtowel Scarecrow

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  • 1 dishtowel
  • 1 matching dishcloth
  • 1/4-inch dia. Wood dowel, 11-inches long
  • Beige felt
  • Raffia
  • Burlap or straw hat
  • Red and black permanent makers
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors


towelscarecrow1.jpg - 2820 BytesLay washcloth out flat. Place several strands of raffia along one end. Place the wooden dowel over the raffia (see fig. 1). Starting on the side you placed the raffia and dowel, begin rolling the washcloth, inclosing the raffia and dowel in the center. Tie a piece of raffia around dishcloth 1-inch from each end (see fig. 2). Trim the raffia so it hangs out about 1 1/2 ?inches on each end of the dishcloth. Set arms aside.towelscarecrow2.jpg - 1482 Bytes

Cut a 7 ?? x 2 ?? piece of beige felt. Clip short ends so they have a jagged look. Fold in half widthwise and using the markers draw a face about 1-inch down from fold. Set head aside.

Fan fold the dishtowel lengthwise (refer to fig. 1 of the angel towel Fold in center and place the folded felt head over fold in towel (see fig. 3). towelscarecrow3.jpg - 2200 BytesTie a length of raffia just under the scarecrow face, around the felt and towel, to form the head. Slide arms between the folded towel up to the neck. Tie a length of raffia under arms for waist. Separate the two sections of the towel below the waist to form legs (see fig. 4). Tie a length of raffia 1-inch from the bottom of each leg.towelscarecrow4.jpg - 4723 Bytes

Create hair by tying a bunch of raffia in the center (see fig. 5).towelscarecrow5.jpg - 1721 Bytes Using a glue gun, glue center of raffia bunch to the top of the scarecrow head. Spread raffia down around the head and glue hat onto head over raffia. Trim the hair if needed.

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