Decorative Candle Bowl

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  • Glass bowl
  • 2 Colors of tissue paper(yellow & orange, red & pink, purple & blue, etc.)
  • Fake flowers to match your tissue paper
  • Floating candle
  • White glue
  • Paint brush
  • Hot glue gun & glue sticks
  • Scissors


Cut tissue paper into small triangles or squares, or just tear them into small pieces.

Make a mixture of 25% glue and 75% water. Use this mixture and a paint brush to glue the pieces of tissue paper to the OUTSIDE of your glass bowl overlapping your colors. If desired, do a second layer of tissue paper.

Let dry.

Cut off the heads of the flowers. Hot glue the backs of the flowers onto the OUTSIDE of the bowl.

When dry, fill bowl halfway with warm water and set the floating candle inside. Light and enjoy!

About Author

Rachael Czyzewicz is 12 years old and lives in Wisconsin. She enjoys crafting very much and loves to watch Alleene's Creative Living everyday. Rachael enjoys making crafts for birthday or Christmas presents that she gives to her family. She also like to make them for special holiday decorations. Rachael says her favorite store is Ben Franklin because they have so many craft supplies.

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