Candle Making Equipment

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Double Boiler

Using a double boiler will help to keep your wax from reaching too high of temperatures. After use you can clean the top of the double boiler by wiping it with a dry dish towel before the wax residue hardens.

Cookie Sheet

A cookie sheet or baking pan can be a very useful piece of candle making equipment. You will need it for laying out primed wicks, salvaging unused wax, and creating homemade wax sheets. You will want one or more with high sides - about 3/4 of an inch - so it will hold wax.

Dipping Can

A dipping can is used to hold the hot wax when you dip or over dip candles. You can buy a dipping can at a craft shop or you can find a tall narrow pot to use. Be sure that it is at least 2 inches taller than the candle you want to make. Set the can in a pan of boiling water to keep the wax at a consistent temperature.


A thermometer is a very important tool in candle making. You need to reach and maintain the right temperature to make beautiful candles. You can use a candy or cooking thermometer. Make sure it registers between
100? F and 225? F.


You will need a scale for weighing wax and other materials. You can use a kitchen scale found at department stores or a postal scale available at office supply stores.


You can find a wide variety of candle molds at most craft stores. You can also use your creativity and look for other items that can be used as molds or containers. Tin cans, jello molds, cake pans, sea shells, etc.

Wicking Needles

These are heavy duty steel needles that come in four to ten inch lengths. They are used at various stages of candle making. They are used to wick an already molded candle. They can be used as tie rods to hold the wick in place when making molded candles.

Misc. Items

  • Stirrer - A wooden spoon or chop stick to mix in dye or scents and to stir the wax.
  • Cutting tools - A sharp craft knife to cut beewax sheets and trim wicks.
  • Pouring Pot - A pot for pouring melted wax into molds.
  • Heat source - A heat source is needed for melting the wax. A stove, camp stove or hot plate will work fine.
  • Pot holders, waxed paper, silicone spray and mold seal are also good to have on hand.
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