Bow Tie Macaroni Wreath Ornament

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  • Bow Tie Macaroni
  • Craft glue
  • Green acrylic paint and paint brush or spray paint
  • Cinnamon "red hot" canides or a small squeeze applicator of red paint
  • Small piece of red ribbon


Begin by gluing the bow tie pasta pieces together in a circle. Allow glue to dry thoroughly. Paint one side of the macaroni circle green with a paint brush or, with an adult's supervision, use spray paint following label directions. Allow paint to dry; turn over and paint other side.

When green paint is dry, glue red candies (or squeeze dots of red paint) in groups of three to resemble holly berries. Space evenly around wreath, as shown.

Finishing: Make a small ribbon bow and glue to wreath as shown. Add ribbon or decorative string for a hanger on back of the wreath, if desired.

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