Bath Salts Recipe

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Use these wonderful bath crystals for soothing baths. This formula dissolvesquickly, leaving your skin feeling soft and refreshed, and lightly scentedfrom the delicate oil added to the mix. This is an ideal gift idea! Since it's very inexpensive, you can make a dozen jars of bath salts for the sameprice you'd pay for one container in most elegant bath stores!


  • 1 cup epsom salts (buy this in any drugstore or pharmacy)
  • 1 cup kosher salt (can also use regular table salt)
  • 1 cup baking soda
  • 3-5 drops of rose scented oil, more or less depending on the concentration (Get at your favorite craft store. Use any scent that you enjoy the most!)


In a tight sealing jar, combine all dry ingredients - epsom salts, salt andbaking soda. It's important that the lid seals tightly, because you'll beshaking this a few times. Mason jars are ideal for this craft recipe. Shakethe dry ingredients together until well combined.Add about three drops of scented oil to the mix, and shake again. Differentscented oils can have different concentrations, so test the scent of thebath salts after adding only three drops. If the salts aren't 'strong'enough smelling, add more of the scented oil, one scant drop at a time. Theoils are concentrated, so don't add too much all at once or you might havebath salts that are too strongly scented.

Seal tightly and label with beautiful hand-written labels. Mason jarsusually come with labels, but if you don't have labels, you can buy them atany good craft store, or even at office supply stores. (Then you can printout colorful labels on your computer!)

To use -- simply add a few tablespoons of the bath salts to running water.Shake each time, before use.

Hints, Tips and Other Ideas:

Try different food coloring solutions for different scented bath salts. Trya small amount of red, to create pink, for rose bath salts. Or, try palegreen if you make mint bath salts. This is optional - you don't need to addany food coloring at all. If you do, add it in scant drops, one drop at atime so the end result is a delicately colored bath salt, not anything toointense. And, shake very well after each addition, so the color is properlydispersed among the bath salts.

Be creative when experimenting with scents for your homemade bath salts.You can use any aromatherapy oil. I just chose rose for the recipe above,but you can use any oils you can find. Find these oils at good craft storesanywhere or soap and candle making shops. Buy the best ones you can - youonly use a few drops for each project, so one bottle will last a long time.Try combining different scents together to create your own 'custom scent'.Ask the salespeople at the shops which of the oils would be most appropriatefor your project - they can be very helpful!

To decorate these jars: Try putting a small square of fabric between thesealing ring and the lid to make a decorative effect. I like takinghand-crafted paper, poking a hole in the upper corner with a hole-punch, andstringing through some twine, and tying that on to the jar, withinstructions for use, or as a gift card.Or, try gluing on a single dried flower on the gift card - a tiny dried rosefor rose bath salts, a tiny dried lilac for lilac scent, etc. It gives thejar an elegant, very beautiful look.For extra special gifts -- add some dried, pressed flowers to the bath saltmix. Dried rose petals are really lovely when added to this mix - thenyou'll have a really special bath with rose petals floating in the water! Itmakes a person feel very pampered.

Making gift baskets - Gift baskets are expensive to buy but veryinexpensive to create when you use recipes such as this bath salts recipe.Fill any interesting container (baskets, collanders, wooden boxes, terracotta pots, hand-painted terra cotta pots) with your choice of thefollowing:

  • Hand crafted bath soaps
  • Jars of bath crystals or bubble baths
  • Loofah sponges
  • Wooden massage rollers
  • Massage oils
  • Hand and face lotions or creams
  • Small, rolled-up hand towels and face cloths
  • Bath and shower gels
  • Tiny jars of assorted pot pourri mixes
  • Great books to enjoy while they're indulging in their bath

And so many others! This type of bath and beauty gift basket would easilysell for $50.00 or more in bath shops, but by making it yourself you cancreate one for only a few dollars! They make beautiful gifts for any time ofyear - but are especially useful during the holidays when you may be tryingto save some money!

Make some extra money by creating jars of different scented bath salts andthen sell these at flea markets, or at craft sales. Recruit a few friends tohelp you out and make some extra money for this holiday season!

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