Washcloth Fish

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  • Washcloth
  • Felt for fins and eyes
  • Oval scented soap for fish
  • Raffia
  • Moveable eyes
  • glue gun
  • Skewer
  • Bar of soap for stand


Place the soap on the washcloth just to one side of the center (Fig. 1).

Fold the washcloth in half covering the soap.

washcloth fish fig. 2washcloth fish fig. 1

Take both ends of the folded side and bring them together inside the folded washcloth (Fig. 2).

Gather the washcloth around the soap (Fig. 3) and tie with a piece of raffia. Trim ends of raffia close to the knot (Fig. 4).

washcloth fish fig. 3

Cut a circle of felt slightly larger than the moveable eye. Glue movable eye to felt circle. Repeat with other eye. Glue both eyes to fish.

Cut 3 fins from felt. Glue one to the top of the fish and the other two to each side of the bottom of the fish.

You can make a stand by pushing a skewer up through the bottom of the fish. Push the other end of the skewer through the flat side of another bar of soap.

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Nadine Milburn is a 43 year old wife and mother of two teenagers who keep her very busy. Her favorite things to do are sewing, gardening, tole painting, birding, feeding wild deer and helping people. She is in charge of craft and food vendors booths, carnival, and other events at the Ole Tyme Days Festival in Dayton, Texas to raise money for area schools.

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