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Welcome to Crafters Community. We do have a few rules to make our community enjoyable for everyone!

1) No Spamming!
We have a board to post your site and we ask that you only post it at Visit My Site. Only one post per site please. If you're having a sale or special, go to your post and reply to it with the special that's going on. We also offer a site for those of you that have auctions. Once the auction is over, however, the moderator will delete post to make room for newer auctions. Those caught spamming, all their posts will be deleted and they will be permnently banned from the community.

 2) Photo Albums
We offer a place to show off your pictures. Only family friendly pictures can be placed there. If we find some that are not, they will be deleted by the admins. Also, please no selling in the Photo albums. We are now offering a Classified section to all registered users. We have certain catagories in which you can sell your crafted items or supplies, or even clean out that basement and have a "garage sale". Visit the classified section here: Crafter's Classifieds

3) PM spamming
We do not allow spamming of our members by the private messaging system. If the admins or mods get a message from a member that they are being spammed for anything, you will be banned! The PM system is there for the enjoyment of our members to make new friends and we will not tolerate spamming.

4) No Pattern Sharing
I have to stress this one because forums have been shut down due to sharing of trademarked patterns being posted on them. Please if you're looking for a pattern, don't ask for someone to scan and send it to you on the boards. If we find any posts like that, they will be deleted. If you ask where you can get the pattern, it will stay. However, DO NOT offer to scan and share the pattern on the boards. It will be deleted also!

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