Ribbon Flower Frame

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While this craft is too intricate for little fingers, it makes a great gift for a grown up to make for a little girl in their life. The supplies are inexpensive, and may even be lying around the house.

You will need:

  • gold buttons
  • red, purple, and yellow curling ribbon, cut into 3 1/2" lengths
  • scotch or invisible tape
  • hot glue
  • 8x10 frame
  • white construction or heavy paper to fit in the frame
  • pen


Disassemble frame. Put frame back together with glass underneath the white piece of construction or heavy paper, so that the paper is on the outside of the frame, instead of the glass.

You will need 6-7 ribbon strips per flower. We made 2 red flowers and 1 yellow. Fold all ribbon strips in half and join at the ends with small pieces of scotch or invisible tape. This will form the flower petals. Fix petals in place on frame with glue gun. Glue buttons onto center of flower petals.

You will need 4 purple ribbon strips for the butterfly. Fold ribbon strips in half and join at the ends with small pieces of scotch or invisible tape. Glue in place on frame as shown in the picture. Glue a small gold button in the center of the butterfly.

Using a ballpoint pen, draw antennas on the butterfly and thin stems for the flowers. As a finishing touch, you can add a few buttons to the bottom corner of the paper.

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